Reviews of the UTA Honors horn Camp


Every year We get some amazing feedback from those that have attended our camp.

Here Are just a few:

From Parents:

I wanted to let you know that Sophie finished her middle school band camp this week and she was so excited because they moved her up to top band! They were really impressed by how much she had improved over the summer. The band director even said "she's sitting up straight and playing the french horn like she's really proud to play it". That can be attributed to going to your french horn camp this summer. Thank you so much!

(a month later) Sophie got 1st chair in the district band! The horn camp really changed how she plays and her attitude toward the french horn. Thanks again! She's looking forward to coming again next summer! 

- Holly Shipman


Thanks for a great week. Andrew had a blast hanging with his true peeps. Totally great experience in bringing him a little out of his shell. He will definitely be back next year. We do appreciate all the hard work and effort the staff put in for the whole week and prior getting this set up. Loved all of the music selections. The Cantina music from Star Wars was the best!

- The Wainwright Family


This camp is Justin's the favorite. He loves it and will be back next year definitely! Thank you all for your kindly helps!

- Jianjun Xia


During the few phone calls I have received from Lucas it sounds like he is having an amazing time. He has expressed that he is learning a ton of new skills and is so excited about his new knowledge and the new friends he is making in the process. Thank you!

- Laura Anderson


Thank you to The Hornsmen and the counselors for an outstanding camp! Lindsey declared camp was the best event of her entire summer and kept asking for you all to do another one before next summer. :o) You all have inspired her to be even more dedicated to playing her horn and now she is talking about a music major in college!!! I just wanted to share the positive affect you all had on my daughter this summer and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Julie Wheeler


Thank you for organizing such a great camp!! I've only received five or six brief text lines: how much she likes her roommates, how cool the classes are, how excited she was that she would play a piece with the HS band, that some-kind-of-dodge ball is now her favorite game to play, and 'good night' and 'love'. Nothing about being bored, tired, or missing home - lol!

Thank you for putting time and energy to make the camp as it is! It's been her first French horn camp but probably not the last:) 

- Julia Glowacki

From Campers:


Being a part of the UTA Honors Horn Camp has allowed me to benefit from personalized musical instruction which will have a lasting effect on my career as a horn player. The handbook with exercises is going to be my go-to book!

- Kendall Feldman


I increased overall chop strength and expanded registers both high and low. Camp gave me LOTS of new tools and warm-ups to use through the rest of my career and I made friends who like the French Horn as much as I do.

-Athens Allec


My range has improved immensely, especially down low.

- Micah Northam


I can say with confidence that I’m a much better horn player after this camp. Thank you!

- Sanjna Sandeep


I feel like I got a really good head start on the All-State etudes!

- Arden Wernecke


Since the camp is relatively small, I got more attention as a horn player. I got more time either listening to my own instrument and/or playing. I LOVE THIS CAMP SO STINKING MUCH!

- Xinrae Cardozo


In just 5 days, I feel like I have expanded as a player and have a much better understanding of the horn.

- Nathan Howton


I gained both confidence and tools to help me improve my horn playing. I give the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse a grade of 4/4!

- Fiona Stout


I leave 20x better then I came. I was introduced to music I love and I will cherish this week for the rest of my career!

- Lucas Morgan


I made a lot of new friends!!!

- Kes Yager